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The Synthesis team is one of the five teams in the Formal Models and Methods (M2F) department at LaBRI (Bordeaux). It gathers researchers around the Synthesis problem, which in very general term is a family of techniques aiming at automatically constructing programs (models) from their specifications.

You can sign up to the dedicated mailing list for team announcements: send an email to labri.synth-ext[@] with subject subscribe synth-ext FIRST_NAME LAST_NAME where you substitute FIRST_NAME and LAST_NAME as appropriate. Or just click here.


We meet every Thursday at 12.30pm for a weekly catch-up, and seminars are on Tuesdays 13.30pm.


  • Program synthesis / code generation / inductive programming
  • Controller synthesis / reactive synthesis
  • Machine learning
  • Network dynamics
  • Model synthesis for biology and ecology
  • Strategy synthesis / algorithmic game theory
  • Decision making
  • Theory of social choice


June 2024

  • Antonio Casares was awared the best PhD Award in the Science and Technology of the University of Bordeaux in 2024 for his work on structural properties of automata on infinite words and memory for games, automata on infinite words and memory for games, thesis supervised by Igor Walukiewicz and Nathanaël Fijalkow.
  • The paper On the Monniaux Problem in Abstract Interpretation was accepted to Journal of the ACM. Written by Nathanaël Fijalkow, Engel Lefaucheux, Pierre Ohlmann, Joël Ouaknine, Amaury Pouly, and James Worrell.

May 2024

  • Workshop on the evaluation of inference methods for dynamical biological models, organised by Loïc Paulevé on May 28 in Paris
  • The paper BoNesis was accepted in CMSB'24. Written by Loïc Paulevé.
  • New intern: Chaimaa Radiousse (L3, ENSEIRB) with Théo Matricon on estimation of mixtures of stable distributions
  • New intern: Matéo Torrents (L3, ENS Paris) with Pierre Vandenhove on the complexity of strategies in stochastic games
  • Visitor: Roman Kniazev, from IRIF
  • Nathanaël Fijalkow invited to the Program Committee of AAAI 2025

April 2024

March 2024

  • The paper LTL learning on GPUs was accepted in CAV'24. Written by Mojtaba Valizadeh, Nathanaël Fijalkow, and Martin Berger
  • Nathanaël Fijalkow did a live coding session on LLMs, see the corresponding Github repository on LLM from scratch
  • Creation of the team


  • ANR JCJC Games4Synthesis
  • LabCom Parcoursup
  • PEPR Santé Numérique
  • ANR BNeDiction and RD2Bool
  • UB RI3 HeMaMox


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